Growing up in the midwest, Marcy Miller found herself eating her fair share of sandwiches. At home, her amazingly talented mom created a variety of meals made from fresh, high quality ingredients, many of which came straight from the family garden. And so a healthy lifestyle was set in motion.

As food science and technology evolved, so did Marcy’s approach to eating. Noticing that ingredient lists of simple foods were growing at exponential rates (bread should not have 30+ ingredients!), Marcy was perplexed. Add hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and genetic engineering into the mix and Marcy was distraught. Fast forward a couple of decades when she began making meals for her two young boys and Marcy was changed forever.

Having access to natural, local, and organic ingredients became a priority and a way of life. Plus, Marcy loved sandwiches (who doesn’t?). So, together, with her sister Bonnie, the dynamic duo created a vision that would set the stage for the Organic Sandwich Company. A place where you can get real food. And damn good food, we might add. Come taste for yourself.